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So.... I've finally logged back on.

Previously I hadnät done so because of the way livejournal handled images for a while and also because i'd forgotten my login details... but i guess i'm really back now.

I'm very busy right now, but for anyone seeing this journal and interested in talking to me about fandoms, cartoons, comics or art.... feel free to send me a message any time ;)

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mh, i was going to post something else, but coming back here my only reaction seems to be "insert picture>>browse>>???? where?? there are no drawings in this computer"  yeah.

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I keep coming back to livejournal whenever i need to post things and everything else isn't working anymore, gosh.

Here's some stuff that used to be a work in progress, but now i just don't wanna see it at all! these are the last photos of it and i'm pretty content with just keeping it a doodle.

I drew these on my hand from the sidewalk while waiting for the bus. I had no paper, but just look at this creature, it's perfect.
I'll post more after i'm done with homework :Y

Hopping gif

<input ... ><input ... >Here's something i tried scanning in today.

 Weeeelp.This should like,animate or something.Nothing fancy,just....stuff.Click goes click.   


The contrast brings out some nice sepia undertones.

this was something i did to warm me up to Animatsuri, the anime con in Tartu next week.It's been finished like this since sunday,lol,so......when was i supposed to finish it?Ah well,better not over-work it or anything.

Oh man,didn't get to make any copies today....there's a contest deadline on monday, but i guess i don't have to actually enter it or anything.Gosh,why do i always hurry with these things?!?<input ... ><input ... ><input ... ><input ... >

List of things I should probably print

Too lazy to edit,also know which pic is for which printing(sorta) (must remake) (this quite definitely) (hmm) (hmm ) (hmmmmmmmm,too blue) (again,too blue!) (these just cause)
and more to come.
<input ... ><input ... >


i was gonna write about Korra a little bit, dying halp plz?

in other words,next week we shall try to update properly.


Let's just say that...........
I missed another chance.

Why   ;______;  why..... whyyyyyy

Was I seriously such a mess for the previous 4 months to actually forget about wanting to enter the next time there'd been an update to this????
Instead of having a stable unhappy job,I coulda worked on my entry an unstable but happy time working on it,being an artist IMPROVING.Instead I'm stuck in this time line where I have missed yet another chance to work on comics of the OCT variety.How is that not bad?If I were givven a choice to timetravel right now, this would be it.wait no

I think I have learned from my mistakes,and won't mope over this

Oh who am I kidding,I'm awfully bad bad at this stuff,and I'll probably mope foreverrrrrrrrr.

Hush,only cryes naow.